A garage door, whether manual or automatic, like any other piece of moving machinery, needs to be checked and serviced at regular intervals. Durban Door Services specialises in maintaining and repairing Industrial Roller Shutter Doors and domestic garage doors upon request. Moving parts need to be oiled regularly, alignment needs to be checked as well as the tension and its overall movement.
Durban Door Services are always in high demand for the repairs of Industrial Garage Doors. Our team of experts are always quick to respond and deliver quality service that ensures your business runs smoothly with as little interruption as possible!
We also offer:
– Spring Replacement to Roller Shutter Barrels.
– Straightening of bottom bars (T-bar) slats guide, rails and covers.
– Replacement of above when beyond repair.
– Replace of Chain or Gearbox mechanisms.
– Repair or replacement of electric door operators and motors.
– Supplying and fitting of foam weather strips to bottom bars (T-bars).
Industrial Garage Door Repairs, Services and Maintenance.
New Roller Shutter
Door Supply and Installations.
Domestic Garage
Door Sales and


Durban Door Services installed our automatic garage door some years ago, after all the other companies were unable to assist because of its unusual size! They service and maintain the equipment on a regular basis, and are always on hand if there are any unforeseen problems. We have always found their services to be swift and efficient. Thank you Clive and the DDS Team.”

– Chris & Janice

Durban Door Services do all of my maintenance and repairs on my roller doors, I own a factory and therefore require a good turn around time. I would never consider changing companies because they are reliable, punctual and honest.”

– Rob Sterling –

“Clive has a very pleasant demeanour, his business runs in a very organized manner and I was highly impressed not only with the service, but it’s personal integrity. Thank you Clive!”

– Anna van der Walt –

Tips & Tricks


Durban Door Services recommends that you regularly clean garage doors, The more regularly you clean garage doors, the more money you will end up saving on repairs. Use a mild detergent to remove corrosive chemicals and dirt, especially around the cables, springs and the top of a roll-up door curtain. This will allow you to monitor their condition very carefully.


Don't service or repair them. These systems are under extreme tension and pressure, and an injury can occur in the blink of an eye. Only a qualified professional should work on them. This is an essential safety tip.


If your garage door is damaged, even only slightly dented, it is still very important to seek professional assistance. An operating system may be damaged which will cause premature wear, and result in a dangerous environment later on. Always ensure that the safety of your work staff (if your garage door is an industrial one), or your family at home (if you have automated garage doors at home) comes first.

Annual Inspections


While we strongly encourage you to leave repairs and service to professionals, you can check all the bolts, nuts, screws, springs and cables. If something is loose, tighten it. These parts are responsible for allowing the doors to move smoothly. If a component is clearly worn, call a professional to replace it.


Using the right cleaning and maintenance products is key. Never use grease on the runners or tracks, it encourages the build-up of dust and dirt. Instead, use a light spray with WD-40 or Q-20 on the other parts. A grease lubricant can be used if it is a roller shutter.


Remember that performing these basic checks can save you money and time, whether it is in your business or at home. By delaying or avoiding these inspections you may end up having to replace valuable parts, like the motor, the torsion springs or even the entire system! For more information, or any assistance, contact Durban Door Services directly!

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